F A Q 's

Most of the information you may need can be found on our website and our team is ready to answer any query you may have. Nonetheless we have compiled here a list of frequently asked questions about our liveaboard  trips in the Red Sea. If you do not find what your are looking for, feel free to contact us directly.


I wish to dive on Nitrox. Is this possible?

Of course! We have our on-site membrane gas blending station for your Nitrox fills. All certified Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) divers may dive on Nitrox mix of up to 32% throughout the trip. If you are not a certified EAN diver, you may take a short PADI course with one of our instructors.

What tanks are available for guest use?

Our standard tanks are 12l aluminium and filled to 200 bar. We have a quantity of 15l tanks available and pre-booking is required in order to make sure you get yours. There are also 6l deco tanks available for those who have the according dive certification. And we can provide rebreather divers with twin sets (2 or 3l tanks).

Should I bring my own dive equipment?

Most of our divers bring their own diving gear. However if you wish to rent some or all your equipment, we can provide you with recent and quality gear. This service should be pre ordered in order to suit your needs. Please also note that each diver should dive with a dive computer, SMB, safety signal mirror and octopus.

Do you support rebreather diving?

If you are a certified rebreather diver, you just need to bring your own rebreather. We are a rebreather friendly facility and can provide you with a pure oxygen filling station with booster pump, sofnolime and twin set tanks (2 or 3l) and a bail-out tank. Whenever possible, we adapt our organisation in order to allow for longer bottom times to increase your dive enjoyment. Important: pre-booking is required in order to ensure sofnolime and gas availability.

Should I bring my dive certification cards?

Dive cards are checked before any diving activity. In order to make the process quick and easy, we advise you send us everything by email.

Are there any other documents I should email before my trip or bring onboard?

Except your dive cards, you should bring:

  1. a medical statement acknowledging you are fit to dive (issued less than a year ago)
  2. your logbook
  3. a proof of up to date dive insurance

Do you have a booster pump onboard?


Are sofnolime and specific gas always available?

In Egypt, if everythign is pre-booked, there are usually no supply issues. In Sudan, sofnolime nor helium are available. If you wish to dive on rebreather over here, you should warn us well in advance (and especially before the start of our season) so that we can bring everything with us from Egypt.

Which kind of diving profile can a rebreather diver expect?

If we organise a 100% rebreather trip, we adapt our itinerary so that you can enjoy longer bottom times. Instead of organising three day dives (the average during a trip with recreational divers), rebreather divers will be offered the opportunity to enjoy two very long dives. In case one or a few rebreather divers are booked on a standard trip with recreational divers, they will have to adapt to the standard rythm of the trip. Whenever possible, we let the CCR divers to get in the water first (or to be on the first tender) so that they can enjoy longer bottom times. And if we plan two standard dives on the same dive site, we allow rebreather divers to make a single prolonged dive. As long as everybody complies with safety measures and regulations, we are happy to adapt to every diver's needs and wishes.

May I pick up marine souvenirs from the sea?

Absolutely not. It is forbidden to touch, harrass marine life let alone bring any living animal up to the surface. Same goes for corals, shells, etc. To us, it is of utmost importance that our divers stick to these basic rules. In souvenir shops or on local markets, we advise you do not buy anything crafted with corals, shells or marine animal parts. This kind of trade reprensents a threat to nature and local ecosystems.

I use a INT regulator. Do I need to bring an adapter?

Our tank valves are DIN and we provide you with an adapter should you use a INT regulator.

Life onboard

How many cabins are available onboard M/Y OCEANOS?

There are twelve twin cabins onboard. Two of them are located on the upper deck, two on the main deck and the remaining ones on the lower deck. There is also a large suite with a king size bed located on the lower deck at the vessel's bow.

Is air conditioning available onboard?

Yes, all cabins have individual air conditioning control. Same goes for the restaurant and the inside lounge area and briefing room.

Do cabins have ensuite bathrooms?

Yes, all cabins have their own modern ensuite bathroom with toiler, shower and hairdryer. Soap and shower gel are also available.

Are towels available onboard?

Yes, a large and a small towel are made available to each person coming onboard. They are replaced during the week. You will also be able to use a bathrobe throughout your trip. You can bring along a beach towel in order to use on our bean bags or lounge chairs.

What kind of clothes should I bring on a liveaboard?

Personal clothing items should include t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits,... Bring also a sweater and light cotton trousers for cooler evenings (especially if you travel between November and April). The dress code onboard is casual. You can also bring a beach towel or a pareo to use when resting on the bean bags, lounge chairs or sofas. And do not forget your sunglasses and a hat or cap.

How can I pay my expenses onboard?

All extra charges payable onboard have to be settled in cash. We accept EUR, USD and EGP.

What kind of food is served onboard?

Our dishes are a mix of Western cuisine and delicious local food. We ensure that all dishes are served with local, fresh and highest quality vegetables, seafood and meats available. A variety of fresh fruit and snacks is at your dipsosal at all times.

What if I have specific food requirements?

Whether from an allergy or personal preference, our chefs will do their bests to comply with your specific food requirements. As it is not always possible to source specific food items in Egypt or Sudan, please inform our team well ahead of your departure date to ensure we have plenty of options to suit your needs.

Can I be contacted by my friends/family/colleagues during my trip?

In Egypt, the mobile network is quite good almost everywhere in the Northern part of the Red Sea (e.g. Reef & Wrecks trip, Tiran area, Dahab, Hurghada area). However, there is no available connection in remote areas such as the Brother Islands, Daedalus, Rocky, Zabargad and Saint John's. In Sudan, the mobile network works only when you are in the citu and harbour of Port Sudan. Once you are at sea, no phone connection is available.