About us

Oceanos Safari results from the meeting of lovers of the sea and the underwater world. The creation of Oceanos Safari and construction of the M/Y OCEANOS is the culmination of a dream. And we look forward to sharing this dream with you.


Oceanos Safari Team


Captain of the M/Y OCEANOS, Ayman is also manager of Oceanos Safari. Descending from a family of captains, he traveled throughout the Red Sea and some of you may have already met him on a liveaboard in Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan or, of course, in Egypt. The sea and the boats have no secrets for him and he has put all his expertise and experience in the design of the M/Y OCEANOS in order to make her the strongest boat and best suited to navigation as can be found in the Red Sea.



Fascinated by the underwater world, Angelique has been diving in the Red Sea for many years. She ensures the comfort of the boat, takes care of bookings and answers all your information requests.




The staff