Daedalus Rocky Zabargad









This cruise takes you to the majestic sites of the Deep South.


The route begins first with Daedalus, one of the best walls of the Red Sea. Here you will be in search of the school of hammerhead sharks.


The itinerary then continues to legendary sites such as Rocky and Zabargad, near the Sudanese border.


Rocky is a drop off richly decorated with sponges, gorgonians and soft & hard corals. This wall is incredibly beautiful but keep an eye out towards the blue as the passage of large pelagic species is not rare! During your safety stop, take also a look at the reef just below the surface and watch the ballet of small reef fishes. It is simply splendid.


Zabargad is the largest island in Egypt and is a preferred nesting site for turtles. Underwater, the site is varied and several types of dives are possible: drop offs, pinnacles, caves and even shipwrecks.


Currents and drift dives may occur and therefore an advanced diving license from an internationally recognized diving organization (eg. CMAS 2*, SSI advanced open water/advanced adventurer, PADI advanced or equivalent) and a minimum of 50 logged dives are required.