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This route is considered by many as the best diving in the Red Sea. Accessible to experienced divers only, this cruise takes you to the legendary sites of the Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone. You will dive on these steep drop offs teeming with sea fans, hard and soft corals and will encounter pelagic fauna.


Drift dives and unexpected meetings are scheduled. The Brothers will be the first stop of the itinerary and will provide divers with their incredible richness. Wreck lovers will be thrilled by the Numidia and Aida on Big Brother.

After the Brothers, we will set sail to Daedalus, a huge reef awash with a lighthouse in the middle. The walls of Daedalus rival those of the Brothers and it is not uncommon to encounter a school of hammerhead sharks there.

Closer to the coast, Elphinstone is a large reef 700 meters long by approximately fifty meters wide. Underwater, there is a steep cliff that plunges into the abyss. The currents can be quite strong and pelagic species such as oceanic white tip sharks can regularly be met here. The great diversity of corals and marine life makes it one of the most famous sites of the Red Sea.


Navigation between the different points is done at night so that the boat gets on the sites in the early morning.


Due to the remoteness and strong currents, this cruise is only accessible to divers in possession of an advanced diving license from an internationally recognized diving organization (eg. CMAS 2*, SSI advanced open water/advanced adventurer, PADI advanced or equivalent) and with a minimum of 50 logged dives.